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Certain conditions to be restricted to:

  • The paper is evaluated by two specialists of higher scientific rank than the researcher who submits his paper for publishing within two weeks. The paper is published in accordance with its chronological date with other papers. The costs are:
    •Professor: 75000 dinarsAssist, professor 60000 dinars
    •Lecturer and below 40000 dinars
    • The cost of buying the paper is 15000 dinars
    •The cost of a derived paper from a thesis is 5000 dinars
  • The abstract should be in both Arabic and English humanitarian research and have the fort size (12) and with the title of the study, full name of the researcher, the place of occupation , the email and key words in Arabic and English after the two abstracts
  • The research presents printed with the following specification: preparation of 2 higher. Down2.54. right 3.17 left 3.17. Be simplified Arabic fort type size in writing to the board and for 12 major titles dark.The English times new roman and with the same previous size and distance (single space) between the lines.
  • You must be less than search pages submitted for publication in the humanitarian terms of reference on the twenty-five pages.
  • Subtitles according to the nature of specialization and be the font (12).
  • You must arrange margins (in humanitarian terms of reference) according to figures and in accordance with the sequence they are received in the body of research.
  • Notes and bibliography should be in line with the documentation.
  • must arrange tables in order of their appearance in the research and be numbered and containing a brief address in the above indicates the the contents clearly and ready for the final printed in the magazine as it is
  • must be shaped (or map) clearly numbered and contains a written explanation underneath and computerized decree.


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