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Editorial board
Editor in Chief Asst.Prof.Dr.`Amar Rajah Nasar
Edition Secretariat Prof.Dr.Hameed Hasoon Bajeia.
Member Prof.Dr. Jabar Abd Jibel
Member Prof.Dr.Shalan Abd Ali
Member Prof.Dr.`Amran Jassim Hamid
Member Prof.Dr.Ali Hadi Al-Mahdawi
Member Prof.Dr.Sabah `Atawi `Abud
Member Prof.Dr.Kadhim `Abid Noor `Abid
Member Lect.Dr. Bassam `Abid Al-Khaliq
Member Lect.Dr. Mansour Hatem Mohsen

Advisory Board

Member Pof.Dr.Muafaq Al-Hamadani
Member Prof.Dr.`Abid Al-Sahab Mahadi
Member Asst.Prof.Dr. . `Abbas `Abid Al-Mahdi
Member Asst.Prof.Dr. Ahammed Al-Saeed Mohammed Al-Zamali
Member Prof.Dr.Hassn `Aeesa Al-Hakeel
Member Prof.Dr.Sahb Ja`afr Abujanah
Member Prof.Dr.Salih Mahdi Hameed
Member Prof.Dr.Masbah Mahmood Al-Saleiman


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