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College of Education for Human Sciences Journal

Journal Title :

For surety and authenticity , the college of education for human sciences journal is a peer reviewed one issued quarterly by the college of education for human sciences and publishing various humanist research studies in Arabic and English. However, it was erected in 2010 after the main college had been ramified into two colleges ; Safialdeen Al-Huli college of education for humanities and Ibn Haean College of Education for sheer sciences to be flagged as the Safialdeen Al-Huli college of education journal and then as the Ibn Haean College of Education for sheer sciences journal.

Administration Journal Word :

Without any shadow of a doubt , It is true that no eviternity to development and prosperity in nations unless the scientists exert themselves to reach the pinnacle in line with the glorious past . As such the college of education for humanist sciences endeavours to have the mantle of its responsibility , as the other scientific centres do , for issuing a scientific peer reviewed journal paying heed to the products and authenticated studies as the academic fruition of the researchers in the university of Babylon and other scientific centres flowing in the prolific fount of knowledge . To the heart, the journal cuddles the research studies of the teachers and researchers in the universities and the scientific centres in Iraq and worldwide.

Journal Targets :

The journal draws a bead upon evaluating and publishing the researcher papers of the academics and researchers for the sake of the scientific promotion and the yearly evaluation. In part it lends a hand to the postgraduate students to publish their papers excerpted from their theses and dissertations as the ministry of higher education and scientific research decrees to have their papers published before the final discussion.

Moreover, the duties the journal stipulates extend from receiving the studies , examining them due to the publication conditions, registering them under specific numbers, determining the reviewers due to the majors, sending them to the reviewers , receiving the reviewed papers, delivering them to the researchers to do the meant corrigenda, submitting them a letter of acceptance after finishing the corrigenda and then publishing the papers due to the majors.

Sponsor :

University of Babylon, College of Education for Human Sciences.

Journal Type and Publication Time:

a quarterly scientific peer reviewed journal.

First Issuing Date:




National Consignment Number :

914 , Baghdad 2010.
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